Powers and Duties of the Center




The Center shall have the powers and duties to:

  1. Provide research-based artificial intelligence services and products,
  2. Set national infrastructure that enables artificial intelligence research and development programs.
  3. Formulate national Artificial intelligence related policies, legislation, and regulatory frameworks
  4. Create an eco-system that enables public-private interconnectivity and co addition,
  5. Support private initiatives on artificial intelligence research, development, and deployment
  6. Make sure that artificial intelligence service the defense and national security-related decision-making process,
  7. Ensure that artificial intelligence support socio-economic programs such as health, education, agriculture, and utilities.
  8. Enables artificial intelligence to support decision making process on urban administration, land administration, national disaster prevention and environmental hazards.
  9. Facilitate national database development and utilization
  10. Help human resource development on the area in collaboration higher institutions
  11. Own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its own name;
  12. Performs other duties related to its objectives