Lists of Projects

List of Projects


  1. Disease Prediction, Detection and Management


  • Sub-Project-1: Breast Cancer Detection and Management
  • Sub-Project-2: Brain Tumor Detection and Management
  • Sub-Project-3: Skin Disease Detection and Management
  1. Enhancing Ethiopian Crop Productivity Using AI Application with emphasis on diseases management and crop data labeling


  • Agricultural Data Collection and Labeling
  • Coffee Diseases Management and Specialty Tracing Using AI System
  • Major Annual Crop Diseases Detection and Management System Using AI
  1. Revenue Assurance in Tax Collections
    • Financial Fraud Investigation and Detection Processes
    • Financial Fraud Corrective Processes
    • Financial Fraud Preventive Processes
  2.  Customer ChatBot for Ethiopian Airline Using four local languages (Afaan Oromo, Amharic, Somali and Tigrigna) and English language